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I feel I must complain about the #1 Dad commercial. This shows no respect for the dad.

It really insults me and I just can't buy any of this pizza until this commercial is removed. I was always taught by my parents to respect my elders. I have also taught this to my children and now to my grandchildren. This commercial teaches just the opposite.

This child should just appreciate the fact that his dad brought him pizza, but instead he sits there like a spoiled brat. What kind of example is this for small children ?

You have a good product with reasonable prices. It's a shame you spoiled that for this customer with your commercial.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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All you people complaining about this commercial obviously don’t know how to raise your own kids. Shut up, enjoy television, and quit nitpicking.

It was a good commercial. It wasn’t meant to be taken literal, and if you can’t explain that to your children you need to learn some parenting communication skills.


I thought that shot was funny. You guys need to lighten up and live a little.


Take the commercial out with the Dad that hat has a sticker on his hat .It is dis graceful to every adult out there and you should be ashamed of yourself, that's why I won't even EAT ANY OF YOUR PIZZA 'S IN TILL YOU TAKE THAKE THAT AD DOWN .I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS SOME WHERE ELSE


I know it's only a commercial but it's so disrespectful!! And to take away his #1Dad sticker on his hat is terrible.

It's a pizza!!!!

Awful advertising. No Little Cedars foe my house!!!


After I saw this commercial about a young boy removing the #1 tag from his father's cap. The father brought home the wrong pizza (NOT Caesars). I was so sad..I will not ever purchase this pizza AGAIN


Anybody who considers this idiotic commercial as "funny" has some serious character issues of their own. Not an "American" issue. Decency is not an issue with borders.


Funniest commercial ever! It's true that half of American has little or no sense of humor.

How gray you lives must be. I do think Little Ceasers pizza is terrible but their commercials are funny as ***...guess you gotta be from Detroit to appreciate it.


Their pizza is OK. I think the commercial is great.

It's not like a silly pizza commercial is in danger of corrupting America's youth. There are so many IMPORTANT things to be concerned with an pizza commercial simply isn't one of them.


This commercial is by far the worst commercial airing right now. I get pissed off every time I see it. Whatever agency created it and whoever approved it should be fired.


I totally agree this commercial is totally disrespectful to parents who work hard to do something nice for families. It was a poor marketing strategy to sell a product. Susan


Internalize much?


It’s literally like 6 bucks. Who has to work hard for that? A homeless person can afford little Caesar’s.


I hate this commercial!!!!!!@


The people who worked hard to film this commercial hates you too.


I agree, this ad is degrading and no child should disrespect their dad


Very degrading to dads everywhere. Kids are rude enough without making commercial s about it


Ya lets show our children how to disrespect there father. Your commercial is totally out of line.


If that was my kid he would be eating his pizza standing up


I think this ad is so offensive and sad. The boy reminds me of a bratty kid from the "Twilight Zone".

I do not remember the name but he was evil.


I loved the commercial!! Very funny -- lighten up everyone!!!