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The commercial where the kid pulls off the number one dad tag from his father’s cap. It is a complete insult to working parents.

I will not buy a pizza from your company until you pull this commercial and apologize to all parents. If this is your idea of how to run a company you obviously need new management. Fire the advertising agency that came up with this sales pitch. Where do you thank belittling people is the way to get people to buy your products.

You need to talk about the quality of your pizzas not the terrible commercial. One angery ex customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sick!!! what were you thinking.


I have never voiced my opinion about a commercial before, but this one is teaching children not to respect their parents.

to Pat #1382259

Awful commercial. No longer a customer.


What is Little Caesar's point? If a parent doesn't buy their pizza...

they stink as parents? Are you kidding me? Snotty little kid, subservient father, ingratitude, disrespectful.

There is nothing about this commercial that is cute or right, Annonymous. This commercial simply reminds me to NEVER purchase Little Caesar's pizza as they think hard working parents are a bunch of idiots to be chastised by their obnoxious offspring.

to Vonnie #1382321

Agree totally!


I agree, it is offensive. Please trash it

to Jean Minnesota #1387250

What ever happened to the America when people weren't so easily offended. Everyone's a snowflake and needs a special safe place.

Why can't you take a joke?

Oh, you weren't talking about college kids or minorities who should just get over it.


Calm down "snowflakes" stop being such whiny pants over a commercial .


The commercial IS about the quality of their pizzas! It's just a commercial and a light-hearted one at that. Your reaction is sillier than the commercial itself.

to Anonymous #1382667

No... it's enough of the man-bashing and/or making Dad look stupid.

When that kid forks over the money for that pizza, then he can have a thought about it... maybe!!

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