1 Richmond Blvd Unit C, Napanee, ON K7R 3S3, Canada
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So, theres 3 kids that were working there today at 5pm, the guy was very polite and very professional today, but the two brunet *** were right full of attitude, being incredibly snippy and rude, the one girl used a visibly filthy squeezy bottle and refilled it with fresh product and put the dirty old lid back on it and smashed it all around because the frosting wouldn't squeeze through, well obviously! Its crusty.

So ovvourse I asked for a refund because no one wants crusty old food. And the other *** tried to tell me i cant have a refund and refused to give me a reciept. Meanwhile the girls are running around coloring each other with permanent markers, talk about being dirty and ok with it. So I left, just wanting to get away from that stupitity.

I got home and opened my pizza and there was a fricken long brunette hair, wait for it...baked into the fricken pizza!! Baked into it !!! So ofcourse I didnt eat it, instead I called the store and asked for the manager, at 5pm apparently theres no manager and 2 idiots running the store, i felt bad for the young man working with those girls. So I asked when a manager would be in only to be sassed, so im already not impressed with anything at this point, I asked who made the pizza tonight and she told me "the oven duh!!" Thats just rude, I'm not stupid obviously the oven baked it, but who made it!

So I asked if i could get a refund and she laughed at me and told me im not getting a refund and I'm an idiot... Not *** nice kid! The service from those girls was awful!, the food had hair in it!, and they are using crusty old *** for the food! That's disgusting!

Someone needs to teach those girls how to be polite and how to clean things. Anyone should be ashamed to even have those girls working for them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Hawaiian Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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