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Update by user Jun 11, 2021

A supervisor contacted me on June 8th via text claiming that he/she had tried calling. However, I don’t answer any phone calls that show up as spam or spam risk ( non of those calls were from this state or country anyway so...

that is not a valid excuse. I provided my email and phone number so that they could text me. I did that numerous times. It’s all documented and saved in my phone.

Nothing has been deleted. I was out of town so I called the number back 2 days later and left a voice message letting the “supervisor that texted me” know that I was back in town and he/she could call back . Now it’s June 11th at 6:48 pm, a day later, without a call back. This is ridiculous.

I’m not a complainer and I certainly don’t have the time to deal with this nonsense. However, those employees were completely out of line and it was awkward for every customer in that establishment. They were laughing and refusing to give their names, saying “go ahead and do something....I will get disability in two days. It’s my GOD GIVEN right to cough ( btw he wasn’t coughing at the front desk...

he was making horrible phlegm noises every 4 seconds but only when he walked behind the front pizza ovens. All of the customers were looking around and we were so appalled. Gross!! Oh and this was on May 8th....

before CDC lifted the mask mandate). Maybe I’ll have better luck sharing this awful experience on social media.

Update by user Jun 08, 2021

This issue is not resolved at all. One month later.

Original review updated by user Jun 11, 2021

I am so appalled.

I had such a horrible experience tonight just going in there to pick up a pizza. The employees are disgusting and vulgar around the food and when I asked the cashier his name, he laughed in my face.

There were at least 4 other customers in there waiting. I asked him his name again and he said, why you wanna know my name?? I aint got to tell you that! That was a direct quote.

Then I asked him to tell me the name of the very loud and repulsive employee. He said, why do you want our names?We dont want yours (all while laughing at me with masks down around their chins).

They told me one of the cooks was the manager ( and she actually walked out with them too) yet she refused to do anything or intervene while the employee with all of the neck tattoos was carrying on and on at me with his mask below his chin and other customers in the lobby area. It was absolutely unacceptable. Im contacting the health department on Monday morning.

#1: These employees need to wear name tags with their first name on their uniforms.

Period. If you value your customers and actually investigate customer complaints then that needs to be a policy requirement!!!!

I could have just left the line when I heard the loud fake phlegm noises as soon as I saw a name tag. However, things snowballed because that information wasnt visible. So I kindly told the cashier that people were getting repulsed by those noises when he loops around the back of the ovens.

The cashier laughed in my face.

And the rest was a total disgrace in front of at least 6 other customers in the lobby either waiting for an order or waiting to pick up an order.

My little boy loves Little Ceasars and he was sad when I came home with Papa Johns. I wasnt sad though because they were respectful to me and did their damn job politely.

Preferred solution: A phone call immediately!!!! .

Little Caesars Cons: Horrible customer service omg, Unprofessional managers.

Location: 713 North Perkins Road, Stillwater, OK 74075

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Demanding a phone call immediately is rude.


You did not explain what happened.


The employees were beyond rude. They refused to give their names so that I could report them for being vulgar and disgusting around food.

Then one employee kept pulling down his mask to tell me that it was his God given right to cough whenever he wanted. But he was not coughing what so ever. He was very purposely trying to gross out the customers with his loud Phlegm sounds every time that he went to back. He did not make those sounds when we was near the register.

I would assume he was high on something last night because he was completely out of control.

Not to mention the fact that they lied about who was the store manager. I’m reporting them to the health department.


They do not have to give you their names.

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