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I talked to the manager earlier today she told me I had to bring my box in and she reimburse me well I went in there and there's a new manager and her shift I tell her what happened she goes over and looks at some paper comes back and tells me I'm lying I tell her to call Beth the day manager and ask her and she says she's not doing it that says whatever this is *** I'll just buy a pizza she said no you won't get out of my store she said she's make me leave cuz I yelled I never yelled that she called me a liar this happened at 10 mile between Gratiot and Hayes and Eastpointe Michigan I want to see something happen to her I want some disciplinary action I will be pursuing this farther it's not the when I get a free pizza the plane is it happened two times in the same week at the same place after that I call up there to ask with the manager name is liar answer the phone gave me the wrong number to headquarters would not give me his name or the manager's name who's on duty that place is a joke trust me I don't have nothing better to do with the coronavirus going on and being on lockdown then the right bad reports and horrible statements you need to train your employees better I need to get a new manager in there I never went into any business and the manager straight out call you a liar and then you ask her to call Beth and ask her if she speak to me earlier that day she says there's no way she's doing that get out of her store too many Indians not enough Chiefs give someone the clipboard and go straight to their head I want to find out who the owner of this place is and how I can get ahold of him let him know what's going on in his store I'm looking forward to hearing back to you my number is 586 251 **** I had someone else do a little tracking down and I think the manager's name is Stacy who is working tonight by the way just let you know I do have three lawyers who are family members so get back with me as soon as possible thank you and have a good night

User's recommendation: Don't go there unless you want horrible service and burnt pizza if you like that you will love Little Caesars on Ten Mile in Eastpointe Michigan.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Preferred solution: I want the manager fired the one who called me a liar or I want her at least discipline for a few weeks with no pay and I wanna apology.

Little Caesars Pros: Fast service okay pizza.

Location: 16125 E 10 Mile Rd, Eastpoint, MI 48021

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