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I find this commercial offensive, degrading to Fathers, and uncomfortable to watch.There is no worthy purpose in airing this commercial: to see a child demean his father in ripping off the #1 sign off his father's hat, is so uncomfortable.

It does NOT make me laugh. Why does Little Caesars want to make such emotional stabs against hard working fathers? It is those fathers that BUY that pizzas in the first place, not the child. Think about it, you are biting the hand that buys the pizza in the first place.

What was the purpose for this commercial anyway?Please take down that commercial now!

Review about: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Offensive #1 Dad commercial .

Preferred solution: Stop airing the offensive commercial .

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The last thing that commercial makes me want to do is buy a pizza from you !


You really need to stop being so close minded this had nothing to do with this son demeaning his dad, its a joke that the dad made an impulse buy and spent too much money where he could have gotten better pizza at a better rate and more for his money.So with that being said he's not a # 1 pizza dad, but #1pizza dad sounds like bad English, so there's ur #1 dad.

Only mistake they made was thinking that they were dealing with a bunch of smart people, and not a bunch of ignorant *** who like the fight about everything. There's more important things going on in the world and this is what you find time to bitch about.

Stop watching so much TV and do something productive like help somebody or some charity or just do a good deed and be a good person.Fight for real tragedies not fake tv commercials that no one cares about.


Little Casesars is run by liberals, what more can you expect from ***?


I agree this is a very offending commercial. I change the channel every time it comes on. Hopefully, they get the message that offensive is not funny.


This commercial with the son taking the dad emblem off his dad's hat is the ULTIMATE all time Stupid, Insulting commercial I have ever witnessed. SHAME ON YOU for keeping this ad running. I would NEVER buy your pizzas...

to Grandma Mary #1386411

U started outright by saying this was the stupidest commercial ever then you lost it how is it insulting to you?? They're actors do you think this little kid would really do that to his dad. N Grandma u can't even eat pizza


Wow this is garbage...as an inside joke maybe but to have this on national television where kids will take this seriously and start treating their parents with disrespect unbelievable! As an elementary school teacher these kids are sponges and to have a big corporation approve this instead of promoting positive behavior between a child and a father is out of this world I will absolutely never buy Little Caesars again. Enough problems in this world, just adding to it with unethical advertising.


GOOD JOB Li'l Ceasars what a great job demeaning the working fathers in our country. Your commercial is terrible. Last I checked PARENTS WERE IN CHARGE NOT THE KIDS.


It's a commercial people get over it.

to Anonymous #1394553

It’s a commercial, get over it. Change the channel cry baby! It hurts my feelings, boo hoo.

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