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My husband and I have the same reaction when we view the TV ad in which a son is disappointed with his dad's choice of pizza and he reaches up and rips off the #1 part of his Dad's cap. This purely demonstrates that the child is in control and Dad bows his head in embarrassment and humiliation.

There is so much disharmony in our society and this ad amplifies the lack of respect children show parents and others in position of authority.

I am not saying all children are spoiled and out of control. I am saying Little Caesar does not need to promote negative and disrespectful ads.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I hate the #1Dad commercial. All it does is show a child taking control and being disrespectful to his father! I hate it !!!!


I 100% agree!

@Jackie Hall

With the kid behaving like an entitled brat!


I think the boy is precious. Maybe we'll see him later in something else.

The trouble with children today is the parents--or lack of them. It's only and ad.


I so agree! This totally sends the wrong message to our young society.


Glad I'm not the only one who finds that commercial offensive. I would box that kid's ears and tell him "too darned bad...if you choose not to like it .....don't eat it." The father is a doormat for that spoiled kid.


Your commercial is not only offensive but your teaching kids it's ok to be disrespectful to not just adults but their dad. So sad.

As if today's kids are not already lacking in the respect department . Shame on you.


Amen to the latest ad with the kid ripping off #1 Dad. Shame on Little Caesars for showing a CHILD being a BULLY and a parent bowing down to a child. This is the wrong message by far!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Cesar's are specializing in offensive commercial. Commercials are to send a message & yours are : kids who have a dream should have their dreams ridiculed & hope dashed instead of encouraged.

But the worse is Dad is stupid & the son is though a young child is superior & smarter and uses this superority to humiliate his own father!!

Soooo bad!! Shame on you!


I'd erase that little piece of crap kid. Definitely would beat it like a step child. I HATE SPOILED KIDS.


Very offensive ad to Fathers especially but parents in general. Will no longer patronize your business.


I hate this commercial! Can't understand what the kid says, but you get the point.

I cringe every time it comes on.

What were you thinking? Kids don't buy pizzas, dads do!


Instead of that kid degrading his father by removing #1 off his dads hat, the dad should be putting a sticker on that kids forehead that says "spoiled entitled little brat". What a horrible commercial for a pizza that is one step up from being a frozen pizza.


The worst commercial teaching total disrespect! I will never buy your pizza again!


With all that is going on in the world, and you freaks are worried about a pizza commercial?? Mankind is doomed, if this is the intelligence level of the average consumer.


The commercial showing the bratty kid demoting his dad is thoroughly disgusting. I have second thoughts about going back to Little Ceasars for my pizza, even though I like it.

Please stop promoting such disrespectful behavior in children. If that were my kid, I'd have sent him and his ungrateful attitude to his room - without any pizza at all.


Shame on Little Caesars! The father brings home a pizza to his son and he is so ungrateful he rips of the #1 off his hat.

What a spoiled brat!

Why glorify such behavior - it is not funny! Little Caesars won't get my business.


I agree. This kid is a brat. How about thanks for the pizza, Dad.


As a father I am offended at this commercial. It's a bad example for children to see.

It's in very poor taste.

It is also very disrespectful to parents. In my opinion this is not the only Little Caesars commercial that I have thought of as questionable.


This commercial is awful. The parent is sweating, frightened.

The child appears cruel, evil.

What must children think when they see this? I feel uneasy watching it.