Corporate is putting pressures and threats on employees of their stores. They MUST sell the biggest most pizza.

You know the one with the excessive pepperoni that's like the hot n ready but just adds a ton of pepperoni. Stores are required to meet a quota. Corporate apparently doesnt care if there are kids with digestive disorders like CSID where we literally plan out our pizza days according to all the other meals that week for my child so she can enjoy 2 slices if pizza. She can only handle without getting sick about 4 slices of pepperoni.

(Cooking the pizza releases their juices and yes that does affect digestive.) Apparently corporate also doesnt care about sections of town where there are people below the poverty level that go in deliberately for their hot n ready. Nor do they care about the homeless that also go in for those deals. I get trying to market a new product. At some point though if somethings not selling you may just wanna drop it.

Sorta like when Mc Donald's used to sell pizza. Since corporate is saying they are unaware why a store cant sell the hot n ready yet they dont tell the public they are forcing the stores to push this other pizza,many stores are now finding ways to force their customers into buying a product they do not want. Corporate also has begin having stores NOT MAKE HOT N READIES but have this bestest most pizzas ready in the same heat ovens. So if you want to come buy a hot n ready you got to wait while they male it but as the cashiers will tell you but for a little more we have the bestest most ready to go right now.

Dont get me wrong it's a great deal for meat lovers. However for us its nope. I also feel this is unamerican. If you dont want to sell hot n ready pepperoni pizzas anymore then dont.

Dont lure people in and lie to force is to eat what you want. Instead be honest. I found a location that does not force me to buy what we can't stand.

If this location is forced by corporate to do the same scam, I will stop buying from them and take my business elsewhere. I'd rather pay more for what I want than be controlled by a corporation to purchase what they want.

Location: El Paso, Texas

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