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Today March 27th 2020, I ordered an extra most bestest sausage Pizza from Little Caesars on 2183 E. SOUTH STREET 104


7:11pm as the reciept states. This was a walk-in carryout order due to the coronavirus stay-at-home measures. The young lady who took my order, her name was Adriana R. She was the most respectful awesome employee there.

Very understanding perceptive of the situation and knew what was going on. I give her an A+!(during the entire incident she was even shocked at her coworkers actions, you could see it on her face) After waiting approximately 15 to 20 minutes outside, I walked in, pick up my pizza from Adriana, checked it to make sure it was sausage.(Granted I had been told over the phone I couldn't get an extra most bestest pizza with sausage. Only cheese or Pepperoni.) Walked out, took my pizza to my car where my girl friend was waiting. We proceeded to each take a slice to eat.

After we both took a bite we looked at each other realizing we had both noticed the same thing. "The pizza dough was still soft.!" Not crispy on the bottom like previous time but white. So I took the remainder of the pizza went back inside to

Little Ceasers and spoke with who else, Adriana R. As I was speaking to Adreana, a different employee approached( not sure of her name but I intend to find out, so she is educated about the spread of Covid 19.

We'll call her CSR #2 for now)who was obviously senior to Adriana by the way she just took over and butted in on the middle of our conversation. It was also obvious that CSR#2 was upset and frustrated by the look on her face as well as the tone in her voice. Very non-friendly! CSR#2 asked me what the problem was and I explained the situation and even apologized for having to complain about it, knowing that it wasn't her fault, but most likely the cooks.

Granted I did notice they were quite busy so I proceeded to explain that I was understanding to how this might happen. Immediately (without me being able to say a word) CSR #2 grabbed the pizza (with two pieces of pizza missing I might add.) proceeds to walk away and as she did so said "she would have them run it through again to make it crispy" at this point she disappeared into the back and left me astonished and laughing in my head thinking is this a joke.!? About 45 seconds pass and a different employee in a brown/black shirt (which I assume is the manager) comes out from the back and informs me that they can not cook the pizza longer. Doesn't even give an explanation as to why, to which i already knew, hence covid1, 6 foot rule etc.

But you would figure she might have explained this, in order to be detailed and professional. I proceeded to explain that I never asked to have my pizza put through the oven longer, that I only wanted a new pizza please. She said "Oh ok" with a surprised look on her faced and a greed to make me another,but I would have to wait another 20 min. I said "that's totally ok, I was looking forward to a fresh hot pizza anyways" Happy with the out come I waited the 20 min again maybe longer.

This time Adriana R, waves me in to inform me the pizza is done and runs to the back to grab the pizza. I check the pizza to make sure it was sausage, but noticing it was a classic sausage not in the extra most bestest box they usually come in either. No matter I didn't care, we were just hungry. At least it was sausage!

Plus Adriana was so awesome I didn't want to tell her, but she should have noticed too. So I left again, got in my car, opened the pizza box to try and grab a slice, and no matter how many different slices I tried to pull, that were made to look like slices but obviously were not ( I dirty trick played by the person who made the pizza all because he had to remake another one, which the first one he pulled out early anyways) I could not tear a single slice off! The pizza was made to look like it was sliced up but it wasn't. It was still whole.

At this point I looked out my window, and seen the long line to go back in. Smh. I just took my pocket knife out and cut it my self. Tried to call, no answer.!

Expected. So I decided to write this bad service review only on the account of the state in which we are in right now due to the spread of the coronavirius.

You figure that CSR #2 would have just used her common sense. Funny but not funny!

User's recommendation: Train your senior staff better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pizza.

Preferred solution: Let company proposed solution as well as proper employee training due to covid 19 circumstances. As well as compensation for my time or whatever you feel deemed applicable...

Little Caesars Pros: Good food with right employees.

Little Caesars Cons: Speed and quality of service employees have bad attitudes, Not given refund when order cancellex, Rude employees cant get order like you want it.

Location: 2183 E South St, Long Beach, CA 90805

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