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i worked at little caesers for about 6 months and was hired At the one in Dixon il. Then 2 weeks later i became a manager due to my hard work and dedication to the store.

I finally began to learn my paperwork and then everything was ok. Our boss Sarah Heckman-Dean was nice and everything was ok. Then on August 11th i was working my morning shift and sarah showed up in her yellow jeep and gave us our deep dish payouts which i recieved $44 for them and she seen a write up for someone (Jason Boatright)being 3 hrs late for work and ripped it up cuz i wrote it and Jennifer Hurd was the general manager of the store and told me to write him up since it was my shift so i did. So she blew up Jennifer (My Girlfriend) phone and cusses her out and called us petty "***" and was saying if us *** would do our jobs then she wouldn't have to come there but shes barely there..we have been waiting on our payouts for a little over a month at that point because she worries about all the other stores but dixon.

So she yelled at Jennifer and was very disrespectful. Then i received a text from jennifer when i got off work after sarah left and she said she was tired of sarah disrespecting and talking to us any type of way. So she was contemplating on just quitting cuz she said she didn't need that in her life..someone treating their employees like that. So sarah texted jennifer at about 4:20 and said "speaking of someone not being there for their shift..where are you?" And jennifer replied with how she couldnt do it no more and that when she can learn how to talk to people then she would be able to keep her employees as well as she got angry cuz earlier that day i had to throw away old cheese because it was in the walk in.

No one really likes to rotate the cheese on truck days(Wed) then I noticed that there was cheese boxes dated 8/2/17 and 8/9/17 and as well as this isnt the first time this has happened. About last month we found cheese from the month before and told Sarah and Bo Dean about it and they both said that it was ok as long as there wasnt mold growing on it! Im sorry but if it smells funny and im having customers calling complaining that they feel sick and have to go to the hospital or the sauce or something is spoiled. We got alot of those complaints and Jennifer and I can only do what we can do when we are there so we make sure that doesnt happen but we arent there all the time for other people to do the since jennifer told sarah she was done due to everything then sarah texted her back with "turn your keys in and Kayla too" well for one what does this have to do with me when i was there for my shift and didnt do anything wrong to get fired.

So she made me turn in my keys because Jennifer quit and fired me and then tried to use a different excuse so it dont look bad on her when in reality ive always been there on time, done my job as a team player and a manager. When we do something wrong she snaps but never trains us the right way until we do something wrong and then she snaps. U learn things everyday but u wont learn anything with someone yelling and getting frustrated when they want u to go through them before we make decisions and when u do they say they dont want to be bothered. So she didnt trust me being jennifers girlfriend that i would help her get them shut down for selling spoiled cheese, makeline smelling like dead bodies, mold under the sinks.,leaking ceiling, gross floors..need i say more?

Well heres some pics to help u see what i mean. Noone really mops the floor unless it was me or Jennifer or if we were there we made sure it got done!

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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