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It took fifty minutes to get an order that was ordered online. When I got to the store after waiting the quoted time, my order was not in the portal so I sat down to wait.

The next customer in line was picking up a call in order, which the front-end associate handed to her off of the boxing table as opposed to out of a warmer. The customer took the order, left the store. went into her car. She came back in quickly to complain that this was not the pizza she ordered.

They corrected this and gave her the appropriate pizza. The pizza was mine. When I discovered this and told the front end associate this he tried to just hand me this pizza which had been outside of the store in another customer's car and obviously opened and handled by said customer. This being a huge health and safety concern, I refused to take the pizza.

The front end associate spoke to his manager, who agreed to make me a fresh pizza. This process took thirty minutes, as the front-end associate told his manager the wrong pizza to make, so she had another waste pizza and had to start over again. At this point she pulls the associate off the front end and onto the prep line with her, where I watch him SCRATCH HIS *** and then go back to handling ingredients with the same ungloved hand. When the pizza finally came out to me, it was undercooked, the cheese wasn't fully melted and the crust/toppings weren't properly browned.

But I had waited for it for nearly an hour, and so wasn't willing to complain about it. I took the pizza home and in my second bite gagged and choked, as a topping from the pizza had a HAIR TIED around it. More than just their was a hair in my food, it was tied in a knot around the topping to where when i pulled on the hair out of my mouth it dragged the topping out with it to where it dangled. The hair is the same color as the managers, who was the only employee in the store with that hair color.

In the pictures I provide, you can see where the hair is knotted so tight as to leave indents in the topping. This is horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Little Caesars Pros: Affordable prices, Online order.

Little Caesars Cons: Hair in food, Unsaitary.

  • Poor Quality
  • Bad Management
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