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If Little Caesar's thinks this ad will make anyone buy their pizzas they are sadly mistaken. It is an ad that epitomizes what is wrong today.....there are no boundaries and disrespecting parents is a norm.

I will not buy another pizza from them until that offensive ad is taken off. Some advertising agency evidently convinces Little Caesars that this is funny and will encourage people to buy their product.

It was poor judgement on the ad agency and even poorer judgement on the part of Little Caesars. It not only is not funny, it is sad and causes me to change channels every time the commercial is aired.

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I won’t buy from them because of this disrespectful ad


You people object to this commercial because you don't like the "bratty kid". What it really sounds like is you are doubting your own parenting abilities.

Do you really think this commercial will influence your own brat?.

Have a word with yourself and check your own parenting skills. Meanwhile, I'll be picking up a pizza from Little Caesars.


I agree, they have lost me also.

to Bonnie #1375447

You are no loss!


I totally agree and I just don't understand why Companies think that advertising with obnoxious bratty children should sell a product. Too many to list here. There are enough disrespectful kids today without Advertising Agencies taking advantage, only seeing Dollar Signs

to K.Ryan #1375346

Totally agree!

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