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As a Christian father who is sold out and dedicated to serving the Lord and the family that God has given me, I am disturbed greatly by the marketing scheme with the #1 dad and the disgusted son. We are living in a day and age when disrespect among our young people is running rampant.

How in the world can you expect young people to respect their father as the head of the family and household when you are portraying him as the village idiot. I think you carried this way too far. We have used Little Caesar's pizza a lot in the past for youth activities; however, we will not be using you all anymore until a public apology is made on behalf of all fathers universally. God equipped man with the strength and the know how to make the best decisions for his family.

He never intended for children to run the family. It is commercials like this that has led us to where we are today with the family.

Review about: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: marketing.

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Both me and my son (21) chuckled when we saw this... then a delayed...


I agree. But really... it's tounge-in-cheek humor. I don't think children even that young would take the commercial seriously.

And, as a parent, I'd have a chuckle with them... then have a talk about it. Come one. If your going to watch TV, you HAVE to accept that there are commercials you would rather not watch with your child.

What about female sanitary products?

Or those stupid KY Hot&Icy & condom commercials? Beer commercials showing scantly clad women. Car commercials showing them zipping in and out of downtown traffic? Or, any commercial showing that if your not a sext trim person, your less desirable?

Come on!

Choose your battles.

Talk to the little beggers. This is the least of them.

to Mike_mn #1379581

I agree!


1. Lighten up.


Stop watching commercials. It is very easy.


I can't imagine how many other things must upset you so terribly.

4. If The Lord can't tolerate the Earth anymore, let Him send another flood or a comet or Hillary Clinton or something.

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