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Store 2940 a business drive sheboygan ,wiOrdered a ultimate supreme pizza

Order on 3/15/20 at 2:44

Ticket #94

But decided to go with the thin crust we ordered another item but wasn't told that having the thin crust would be more money there is no notification on their computers screens nor in the menu that tells you. not even an employee told us that time. And they never gave us a receipt once we asked for one because the price didnt make sense. because not realizing that it was expensive for 2 items ordered..then we noticed the price I asked an employee and he said it's because the thin crust is expensive???? and for the incovience we would get a free bag of bread sticks..definitely didnt receive that because the employee seen us with our food in the front and just keep imaginingly wiping *** off n the back.i thought wow what a piece of *** and this wasn't the 1st time this has happened to me

Be honest little ceasar is garbage the food the service the in between fraudulent = not telling your customer's about this change all we know is its $2.00 more the $10 price orginally..and you got employee's telling customers things and then not doing what they said would.WtfWtfWtf also too the order of bread sticks weren't soft like they should be they where definitely sitting for an hour..

Here is a photo of the receipt once again there is no where ..where a customer can see this only on the receipt which we had to ask for..

User's recommendation: Dont eat at little Caesars..find a new place for pizza.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Little Caesars Pros: Food isnt that expensive, Pizza is cheap.

Little Caesars Cons: Horrible timing and customer service.

Location: 2940 S Business Dr, Sheboygan, WI 53081

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Do you honestly think I'd waste my time reading a rambling diatribe like that ? Get to the point.


Well you obviously did read it...because you commented on it..I wasn't being vague because there was more than one thing that went wrong... Anyomous..I understand what your saying if it was being vague but this is detail I think you might be a little confused here

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