I went to Little Caesars 10200 Central in Albuquerque New Mexico, they forgot to put our order in so I went in to ask what happened politely asked how much longer and the lady manager came out waving her hands at me and sarcastically said well whats you name I said its for my husband. She again said very rudely, well were only human and we forgetShe then said well what your name I said its not for me, its my husbands.

She said I cant put your name in the list he has to come in. I said hes in a wheel chair so no, I dont think that would be on right now. How about just give us our money back. Manager said, Im calling the cops on you and she did!

So I said you cant keep my money, either give me the food or money back. So then all of a sudden a young man who was nice thru the whole thing until he also said, were Only human heres your money Im sorry about that. They tried to keep my money and not give us the food. The young man said Im sorry she did that.

This manager was rude and very sarcastic. They made excuses saying we forgot to put your pizza in.

User's recommendation: Don’t go there.

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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