Okay So I called my Oder in yesterday I ordered 2 fresh cheese pizza with the cheese crust in both & one was a heartaches style. When I came I payed for my ordered I waited for my pizza, my order was wrong both pizza were Pepperoni pizza like the hot & ready pizzas.

So I had them remake my pizza to be right the way I ordered it so they had me wait another 20 mins. I check to make sure they were both the right way I ordered them & they were so I left. Went home ate 2 pieces of the cheese pizza with the cheese crust. I bought 2 things of pizza I only could eat two slices I was going to eat more but Out of no were I broke out I couldn’t think way all I had was the pizza from you guys & My Boyfriend showed me at the bottom of the pizza box there was a lot of Cinnamon which I am Highly Allergic to.

I broke out in hives, my throat was closing up, I couldn’t breathe for an hour, my Boyfriend had to go buy me Benadryl. Thankfully I didn’t have to go the hospital or didn’t dead. I get they were busy but dang I don’t want to dye & they need to be more careful when there is Cinnamon around.

This is Ridiculous, it could have been a lot worse but still. Be more careful, you guys are lucky I’m not in the hospital & I’m okay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Cheese Pizza.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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If you were highly allergic, you'd be in the hospital. Sounds like you are trying to get something free.

to Someone #1502412

I’m highly allergic, I had my medicine thankfully & my boyfriend epiPen. & I dont or didn’t want anything Free I wanted them to know so it wouldn’t happened to Someone else.

But honestly idk who you think you are telling someone they aren’t highly allergic, you don’t know me or your not in My shoes so don’t tell people what they are & aren’t allergic too. Also I’m Not a Big Fan Of Little Caesars but I will eat it. I could care less about Free pizza or anything free from this place actually from or any place, I myself wanted to let them know so this will not happen to anyone else. Thankfully I had my medicine & My Boyfriend EpiPen is all I said.

For people who work in the food places it is very important for them to know if something like this happens to a customer so they could improve it. Don’t judge people. Actually they did send me a free coupon for pizza I didn’t use it I gave it away. I took the lady I didn’t want it but she insisted & sent it anyways I gave it away.

The only thing I honestly wanted was for them to knowledge that this actually happened, the lady that contacted me was very nice she understand what I was going through & she apologized so many times also she felt so bad she was crying on the phone she insisted again for her to send out a free pizza coupon, I told her no that’s not what I wanted out of this. then she kept asking & telling me I know this isn’t want you want but it would make me feel better knowing you will give us another chance.

therefore I said OK but mind you I still didn’t want anything free. I just wanted them to be careful & know what they did that was all & I got apology.

to HelloKittyLover7 #1513619

She is lying. By her own statement in the original review." my Boyfriend had to go buy me Benadryl" THEN in her response " I had my medicine thankfully & my boyfriend epiPen." So which is it skank?

You had a EpiPen on hand? Or the boyfriend has to rush and go by Benadryl?

You are trying to run a scam for free product or worse a frivolous, fake lawsuit! Take the trashy lies somewhere else!

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