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I ordered a pizza when I got home the toppings were falling off the pizza and wasn’t cooked right . I went back to the store and got them to remake it so I get home the pizza looks the same as the first and I was going to overlook it until I took a bit not only was it greasy it wasn’t all the way done I then went back and asked for a refund the pizza was missing a slice because I threw the piece away I bit off if they refused me a refund because the piece was missing no one wants a pizza halfway cooked and greasy and just throwed together to me it looked like they made a pepperoni pizza and just threw the other toppings on top before handing it to me I’m digusted with little Caesars Pizza I have yet to get my refund the manager told me she would be in at 9 am today because when I came back the 3rd time they were gone

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Of course, it was greasy...What do you expect for a cheap pizza loaded down with cheap fatty meat? You Yanks have to have extra everything including bacon and meat on everything and then whine it's greasy.


They are not stupid. They know that you ate the pizza and are lying just so that you can get a refund.

You did not throw it away. Nice try.


Sounds like Papa John's ; if you're lucky you get extra toppings you did not order, like hair.