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The television ad where the kid berates his father for not getting a good pizza deal at Little Caesar's is remarkably stupid at best and coldly offensive at worst. Regardless as to whether their pizza is any good or whether they have the best deals, a kid insulting a father who puts food on the table is moronic.

Who thought up tis advertisement and who approved it thinking it was creative, funny or whatever? It's not creative nor is it funny. It's just rude.

There are thousands of pizza restaurants out there and Little Caesar's is no longer on my radar. Their TV commercial has driven me away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree...I think they should pull the commercial it shows total disrespect for his father!!


My cousin and I were talking about how much we dislike that commercial. Call me old school, but I see it as being disrespectful. I’m tired of seeing smart mouthed quipping kids on television.


Pull it now. Teaching children to have no respect for their parents. Pull it now.


I hate it, too. Sad commentary on today's society.


I HATE this obnoxious kid video. Thank God he’s hard to understand with the mumbling but it’s so disrespectful.

My 85 year old mother in law requests a pizza every week, one of the few things she will still eat. It costs a little more and not as convenient but you can bet it comes from Pizza Hut now!

to Betty #1382971

Thanks I'm with you on that, no respect!


I will no longer buy my pizza from little Caesar because of this insulting commercial.

First of all, you can't even understand what the little brat is saying

to Larry #1375929



Send the kid to bed ... No supper.


I agree 100 percent. Men, particularly good fathers are disrespected in the Ununited States on a daily basis


Totally agree. Thanks Little Ceasar’s for teaching kids to be ungrateful brats.


Disappointed. Influencing children to be disrespectful. Not funny!


What ever happened to " honor thy parents "....?! Your message is exactly what's happening to the disrespect on display across our nation today !

My wife and I will exponentially become your worse critics....we intend to spread the word about your thoughtless corporate policy allowing this travesty to continue . "You are part of America's problem" !


I agree very disrespectful love the pizza hate the commercial


The commercial is just discussting


Can't stand to watch it. Who is in charge.


Good for you for speaking out! I will not buy another Little Caesar's pizza again until that insolent child is off the TV.

And I AM GROWN UP! Where in the world does your marketing team get it that it's okay for children to be so disrespectful over FOOD!!!???



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