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i walked into the store in Franklin,Ky :one lady waiting I ask for 2 ready to go Pepperoni pizza was advised by manager they only had 1 Pepperoni 1 Sausage 1 chesse so I pick the sausage ; to take to some hands i had working in the field .the Sausage pizza was hard as a rock. the Pepperoni was ok not great. I callled back to the store and spoke to the manager who gave me this pizza: wanted me to bring it all the way back to the store.; I will...
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Anonymous I called and still NO word at all from them! SO I think they STINK as a pizza place: I "m telling everyone I know how BAD they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I went to little caesars to get some pizza, I orderd a 5$ hot and ready peporni. With no cheese for my dad because he is lactose intolerant, they charged me an extra dollar 6$ for that pizza, for them to keep the chesse if any thing they should have took 1.75$ off the pizza making the pizza 3.25$, 1.75 is what they charge for extra cheese/toppings. Then i wanted a large 5$ pizza and I wanted to add pinaple onto it, to add pinaple is an extra...
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pawlak Learn how to spell shut up and pay the extra dollar


Anonymous Aren't the $5 hot and ready pizzas the pizzas which are already made ready to go. If they make a pizza special to order, it's going to cost extra regardless. This is because i...