Little Caesars Meat Lovers Pizza Reviews

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I watched the worker use the same spatula she used to pick up the pizza off the floor she used the same one to put the pizza in the box without washing it youll may not really care but that is disgusting
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Lorettoo This was located at the new little ceasars in Kearny, NJ I can't get over that i would expect that in the poverty areas but not the suburbs i drove over there for a better qua...

I order a meat lovers pizza extra meat, add pineapple to half. Got the pizza home, the half with pineapple had no meat. Called store shortly after, they said they would replace it. I ask if I could pick it up at a later date. I was told yes. Called back3 days later. The manager told me that someone had picked up the replacement order (Not true) so we go round and round about it hadnt been picked up and he says that he would have it ready in 10...
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Anonymous I just had the same thing happen and i actually had the supervisor get into a full blown argument with me. I have never been so disgusted with customer service in my life. And...