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I went to the Jackson, Ga location on March, 22.. I ordered my pepperoni pizza 20 minutes later I asked about my pizza and 2 orders of crazy bread they told me that there was a mistake and they didn't receive my order in the back.

I was told they were putting it in now and it would be 10 minutes. I got home and opened the pizza for my kids to eat dinner and there was a balled up napkin in the corner of my box with some kind of stuff on it. Not sure what it was.

Needless to say I have to find something else for my kids to eat for dinner. Called the manager and she acted like she didn't even care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I work in the one in Cookeville, Tn and that was probably from the pans we wipe out or the grease from the pizzas.


This is Why I Go to Dominos, My Pizza Wasn’t Even CUT One Time.

to Little Caesars Hate Customer #1443806

Same thing happens to me too like now I’m really bout to flame little Caesar’s Uncut, Crumbled Napkin No Havin Ahhh Boi!

to Little Caesars Hate Customer #1443807

Finally some people that feel my pain. Little Caesars Bleach Bustin Bake Bean No havin ahh, I really cut Little Caesar’s Long Nose Sign Lookin like faqing Horse Shit.

to Little Caesars Hate Customer #1443808

I feel you bro, or Girl. Hasn’t happened to me but I know how it feels. Horrible.

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