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My family went to Little Caesars Pizza at 3907 E State Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 to order stuffed crust pepperoni pizza and 2 zesty cheese bread with dips. The girl said it'll be 10 minutes wait so we decided to go to Family Dollar store which is just next door.

When we came back after 10 minutes, the girl said the zesty pizza had got burned so we have to wait for another 5 minutes and she offered to give us free crazy bread which is fine. When we got home, I noticed that it's dripping grease coming from the boxes and it got on my car seat. I took pictures called the store and told them about it. They offered free pizza but I said I don't really want to drive back for that.

We tried eating it but we just can't. My husband called the store to let them know that we need a replacement and to be compensated for the inconvenience. So, I brought the food in to show them. I demanded a refund and a replacement but I was told that they can only replace it or give me my money back.

The lady that I talked to was very rude. I think we weren't treated fairly.

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East Troy, Wisconsin, United States #1277376

This person lost me when she was offered a new one and refused to go back for it. Are you expecting them to cater to you and deliver?

Things happen - especially in fast food. But to want a FREE pizza, in which they technically made two for your order already, plus asking for a refund is absurd. Plus to get free Italian Cheese Sticks on top of it (that's not even crazy bread, you already for $4 extras free). Open the box before you leave next time.

Also, I am highly doubting something (like garlic dipping sauce) wasn't poured on that box intentionally.

Stuffed crust LC pizza's aren't bottom-brushed with garlic sauce and wouldn't cause such a mess like that. The tops are brushed after they come out of the oven.

to That1jennmama Los Angeles, California, United States #1339251

This particular shill is being paid to play devils advocate. Anyone who backs establishments when they are clearly in the wrong is one of those *** "yes men".

I can't find a hot and ready anywhere. There is no more such thing and it is false advertising. You seen the pics dummy. If you are so quick to put blame on customer, who has nothing to lose, over a LC, who has nothing to gain by having you post an absolute "OPINION" with no facts, who looks like an *** here really?

Next time find a better way to be descreet or front about your Ceaser employment. You sounded *** and alone.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1238326

First of all, open the box before you leave - pizza 101.

Second...you wanted a refund AND a new pizza for free? Get out of here.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1231817

What I don't like is greedy entitled people that demand to get more than they are entitled to. Basically by demanding free food and your money back is unreasonable.

What happened, did you run out of money on your food stamp card? Did the soup kitchen burn down or close down?

Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1230342

You are doing it all wrong, you need to demand that the manage girl be beheaded and her manager be shot under a firing squad. Then ask for your refund.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1230350

What about both the employee and her manager be tied at the stake and burned alive? They did not give her double what she wanted they must be evil and demonic.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229490

One more thing, you were not treated rudely or unfairly. It was unfair of you to be a greedy pig and demand both a compensation and free meal.

Not giving in to your selfish demands is not the same as being rude. Grow up, stop referring to adult women as girls when you behave like a four year old.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229484

Your husband needs to get a job. The food does not look bad, and even if it did you do not deserve both a replacement and a refund.

If you cannot afford to eat why spend money. It is obvious that you were looking for free food because your food stamps ran out.

This is childish as well. You have no right calling an adult old enough to work a girl when you behave like a four year old.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States #1229084

If the food was so bad why would you want more of it? They offered you your money back, take it an go to McDonald's.

to Max Cojones Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229486

Here is the thing, they thought that their food stamps would cover the cost of the pizza, it did not so they decided to eat most of it, then demand both a refund and free meal because they like everyone else on food stamps are entitled and think the world owes them.

to unfairhiringprastices Denver, Colorado, United States #1229726

1/10 troll points have been awarded to you. Your lame banal comment did get a single like(as of this writing).

Hope it made your day.

to Anonymous Beloit, Wisconsin, United States #1230339

That was not exactly a troll post, this is what happens when people greedy, yeah it is wrong to assume that they have no job. But unfairhiringpractices is correct they are being greedy.

They don't deserve double what they pay for. If restaurants made it a habit of giving double what they pay for they would be out of business thanks to people like the OP who like to scam restaurants and places of business. They make the statement the customer is always right outdated and ruin it for the rest of us who are honest. For example when Walmart first opened back to when the founder Sam Walton was alive you could make returns without a receipt.

Now good because of thieves and scammers you cannot. People have gotten away with things and are worse now days, perhaps because we are not allowed to use corporal punishment on our kids?

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1230349

While she is a troll on this site, this time I have to agree with them. They are basically asking for both their money back and a free meal. I also in this case don't think that they were rude, unless the husband was rude when he did not get what he wanted first.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1228954

You ordered what you requested, and received more than you paid for, and you didn't handle the food correctly which resulted in a spill and you want compensated for it??? Whoever was holding it (or not) is that person's fault, not the company.

You ordered a hugh container of grease, what did you expect? Take some responsibility for your own actions, jessuz.

to aliens_amoung_us Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229488

Most likely they are on food stamps and were upset that their meal was not covered by food stamps. They don't want to work and want as much freebies as possible. They do not want to accept responsibility for a thing because they think the world owes them.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1228896

What a loser. You ordered fast food, got fast food, and now want your money back AND more food?!?

Pathetic. Hopefully karma smacks you in the face tomorrow.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1229487

This is what happens when people don't have jobs, they try and scam for freebies where ever they go. Why get a job if you can lie to get double your food value.

to unfairhiringprastices #1234153

Since you have admitted you yourself do not have a job, are you telling us this what you do to scam for free food?!

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