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Went into Little Caesars in Red Deer ALBERTA, Canada and ordered a supreme pizza. It is advertised as $9.50 plus tax. Twice now I have been charged $10.50 for my pizza. When I said it is advertised at $9.50 the person on which by the way is the same person that overcharged me before said his till says $10.50 and that is what I have to pay. I also notice that both of the tills have a different price. I know this because when the one staff member...
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Anonymous WTF is a till?


Anonymous One more thing i asked for an extra ingredient and those cheap people charged me 50 cents for that and i said that was too much and they still charged me 50 cents this is not ...

I didn't like
  • Not offering what they advertise
  • Being overcharged 3 times
We ordered a supreme (our favorite) and received a pepperoni. We were disappointed when we picked it up the pizza was cold. we did not notice the error until we got home. We order your little causers pizza at least once a week and this happens too often and we are tired of the reoccurring errors. Seeing how I paid for a Canadian pizza and always getting the wrong product. We feel we should be reimbursed/compensated, we understand errors happen...
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I liked
  • New items
Last night,i ordered a supreme pizza,in which i was charge $9.54 im thinking all pizzas are $5,anyway all the topping weren't on the pizza,and the clerk had a *** attitude,also every other store I've purchased an order from they gave a free soda,in which he gave a couple that was "white"a free soda and told me my order didnt come with one...this store location is 231 riverstone pkwy ste 108 Canton Ga....and if this is important the time was...
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