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This was at 109 Patrick st plaza charleston wv.

I went in at 1:20pm today (2/8/16) and ordered a zesty bread.

I proceeded to give her a 5$ bill after she said " it will be a few minuets" and I said "okay, that's fine". She did not give me a receipt and gave me only 2 penny's back. So Went to my car and sat with my dog until the food was ready. It was now 1:29 I went back in to sit down, I sat there for about 5 min until she gave me my food.

I got back in my car and went home (20 Min drive). When I got home I looked at my food and it didn't look right. So I ate a peace and it tasted funny so I ate another peace and I took the cheese off and it wasn't even cooked. By the way it made me sick and I threw it up.

So I drove all the way back there (20 more min) and I took my food in and I had told her " this isn't all the way done it's still doughy" she said " we'll do you want another one" and I said " no I want my money back" and she wrote in the computer that " customer had eaten or half of her food said it wasn't done wants money back" when she hades me my money back she gave me 4 dollar bill and 48 cents. When I looked at my change when walking out the door he said " how ya gonna eat half ya food and bring it back," what I don't understand is your being ducking rude to me because YOU didn't cook my food and not to mention you didn't give me all my *** money back. Last time I went there about 2 months ago there was a black hair in my food. I WILL NEVER EAT AT ANY LITTLE CAESARS AGAIN IN MY LIFE.

Maybe if my food wasn't *** up every single time I go and the employees were getto and rude as *** and not to mention ripping off customers for their change I would have maybe came back but this was the last try. I'm am so sick if the shirt service and the food always not done or have hairs in it. Thanks and good luck you just lost a whole company as a customer thank you.

Have a good day!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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