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Oh my lord. It's getting ridiculous here.

I walked in at 1:00 on a week day and ordered "the $5 lunch special". The kid behind the counter poked around the cash register for about a minute, then told me my total was $10 plus change. I repeated, the $5 special. He takes another 30 seconds, finally rings it up correctly.

I asked to see the pizza. He said it wasn't ready. I asked when it would be, and he said "I dunno". I said "You don't know?", and he said "10....

maybe 15 minutes". I asked was he going to let me know it wasn't ready after he took my money?

I mean, it's supposed to be "Hot-N-Ready"!!! The kid looked so confused, didn't seem to have any training.

This is not an isolated incident -- they never have lunch special pizzas made and waiting in the hot box.

I give up -- I've gotten pizza from many different Little Caesars across the country, and have never seen such terrible management and service.

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That's a terrible answer. No wonder this is what 95% of customers across the country are satisfied. Trash breeds trash.

to Anonymous54 #1630527

So you're saying America is now trash? How dare you!


So you're saying we shouldn't provide Americans with jobs because they have to go through training?

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