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To person who verbalized the negative nature of this described Little Caesar Commercial; I agree with you. This commercial is absolutely the most thoughtless regarding Father & Son.

There is no humor to laugh at. Others must not be concerned. I cringed first time commercial viewed. The child having "control" over adult & then rips off his #1 tag above Dad.

Including the Dad is perspiring profusely & realizes his son not approve of pizza paid for. This a poor representation for younger viewers to believe this kind of behavior should be ok. Rude, Disrespectful, this commercial leaves an awful taste in my mouth. Making certain I wasn't being overly sensitive the multiple persons that have seen this commercial suggest it be removed by company.

Blatant disrespect shouldn't be tolerated.

I wouldn't utilize a complimentary offer for a free pizza. Thank your ad writers for this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: TV COMMERCIAL.

Preferred solution: suggest Executives to consider status of airing this particular commercial..

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Are you kidding me??? PEOPLE....

YOU’RE SICK IN YOUR HEAD AND HAVE CONTROL ISSUES THAT NEED THERAPY if you are offended by something that comes on the TELEVISION...

which is an ENTERTAINMENT device... Get help.


It’s a commercial and not a real life situation. When watching this commercial with your child if you can’t explain to them that the behavior displayed is not tolerated in your family, then that’s the problem.


It’s a *** commercial, get over it already!!!!!


It was a funny commercial and people need to get off their soap box.


It was NOT funny. Would you like your son to treat you as a subordinate, or even worse, treat you just like a big laugh.

This is teaching children to be disrespectful of their fathers. I can only say that someday you will see the truth when your child mocks you out.

Good luck to you who doesn’t see that children learn what they see, and that it’s the parents’ who have to teach them to respect their parents, elders, police, firemen, bosses, and those in charge. If you don’t do this, be prepared for what you will get!


If your child is willing to disrespect you after a commercial (and you let them) then there is something wrong with your parenting not the company. It is not Little Caesar’s job to discipline your child it’s yours.


I felt the same way when I first saw this commercial. I cringed. Horrible for all resasons stated here.


I fail to see how this is at all insensitive to anybody... I know this is a complaints Board site and by its very nature it tends to attract a certain personality type as a regular visitor, but the Ridiculousness of this complaint is only outshined by the fact that there were actually comments posted, let alone several, cosigning this a rant nonsense!

Moderators of this site, take into account that foolish nonsense complaints like this one undermine the entire credibility of your site as a whole, and legitimate and serious consumer complaints in issues - REAL problems that need to be addressed and or the general public warned about not only get lost in the sea of foolishness that people like the OP turn this into - severely reducing the exposure and reach of said REAL issues, but their impact (if and when actually ever seen) becomes greatly diluted, reduced, if not completely diminished because there is no distinction to be made between the person actually warning about a serious problem or experience with a company product service or scam vs some pathetic yutz posting irrelevant/weak/ludicrous nonsense because they have no friends, job, life or sense of humor....

@Ronnie Flores

The pissed consumer is a complaint board when a product/company has not resolved consumer's complaint. I agree there.

A company also needs to be aware when consumers find certain comments, ads, etc. a little off-settled. We are adults with humor yet the REAL ISSUE is the child's behavior, no parent should be stressed by an imp. younger children will/can mimic what they see.

many people get lost in the reality of television/movies and lack the ability to recognize..This isn't the REAL world. We have enough disrespect evolving and it's growing like a virus; not dormant and spreading. Guess, I just diluted the pool. you must have easily achieved writing essays for 1000 words in school.

You are correct many comments presented are ones wanting to inform instead, a platform to verbalize/venting. as this comment (reply) is not relative to the subject. I may have previously responded to your comment. Are you patient with inconveniences?

you had your soapbox moment. Enjoy Life.

@Ronnie Flores

Really like that soapbox, don’t you! Be prepared for when a child mocks you or undermines you, or even worse....disrespects you.

This is a legitimate complaint. Maybe you should learn from your elders, instead of putting them down.

Oh wait, being disrespected isn’t an issue at all! Boy, have you got tons to learn.


If your child is willing to disrespect you after a commercial (and you let them) then there is something wrong with your parenting not the company. It is not Little Caesar’s job to discipline your child it’s yours.


I felt the same way..how rude for adults to bow to their children. We are to love our children but not allow them to rule over us n show disrespect toward their patents. Kids are the children ntt the parent and that's why God gave them to us..to train them up in the right way and when they are old they shall not depart from the truth!!


People need to grow up.. the commercial is funny.

Period. Sure not hilarious... but its not disrespectful in anyway... its tv.

Tv people. Its not real.


TV Isn't reality yet many sitcoms, soap operas, & dysfunctional families who air their dirty laundry. Television can condition viewers to perceive behavior as "norm" & eventually becomes acceptable to treat people rudely.

Not everyone will differanciate (sp). TV/movies reflect current standards & people can accept negative actions & some with common sense, moral compass will not conform to not speaking. we are grown adults. I respect your opinion & I can see light-hearted views.

Concern is representative of only this rather the accumulated presence on younger minds who follow crowd. My thoughts are pyschological with influence.


I have a life. And if any child did this, or the given the idea that they could, shows complete disrespect for a parent.

There are too many spoiled, coddle children that have no respect for others in this day. Little rude brats that do not even have the slightest idea what the word respect means.


No better way to have said it! UR EVERY WORD IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

As for changing the channel if we don't like it, *** I'll be dmned if my RESPECTFUL kids should have to turn the channel becuz some ignorant adult(s) were allowed to publicly put a JUVENILE CHILD in the position of treating a grown adult as though they were beneath them or less than them...

commercial or not! Kids learn from what they see & hear on tv & junk like this is exactly why the world has more unruly & miss behaving punks/brats than it has respectful kids that ppl actually enjoy being around!!


If you don't like the commercial, then change the channel!!!! It is a simple as that! You people whining over a silly pizza commercial need to get a life!


this is the most disrespectful commercial of son to father. I WISH YOU WOULD TAKE IT OFF THE AIR.


I totally agree Sandy! A parent literally "terrified" of his pre-teen child???

What the *** is wrong with this picture!

And the "Children" replying to this blog who feel that this type of humor is "Funny" do nothing but confirm my feelings about this Trash! I will think twice about spending money at Little C's in the future!!