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I made an order on the phone 15 mins prior to closing time I ordered half pepperoni half supreme deep dish and half cheese half pepperoni extra mostest we confirmed it on the phone 3 times I get to the store at 9:52 I pay for the pizza and they made it wrong so they had to remake it. The extra Most was already ready but they kept it behind the counter.

Two other orders were made after I walked in. The lady working that shift stepped outside and came in after 10with a customer that apparently had already ordered and the employee had already thrown the pizza away so they gave him instead of the two he asked for they gave him three. One of those pizzas was MY extra most. No one has said anything to me yet.

I’ve been standing in the left corner waiting patiently for my order. They were not focused on anything except closing procedures even while I was STILL waiting for my order. I finally asked for it and they gave me the deep dish that was just finished and OVERBAKED and then what was suppose to be my half/half extra most but was all pepperoni so Marcos apologized but I had to STILL wait for that one now. They’re talking amongst each other very loudly about who gave this and where is that all unprofessionally INFRONT of me while I stayed quiet still waiting for my purchase.

I got fed up and asked for corporates number ALL 4 employees that were there could not provide me with the number INSTEAD they gave me Mannys number and said it was the “managers”. Then the young gentleman that was in the back came out opened the pizza and said “yeah check it before you go” EXTREMELY SARCASTICALLY AND RUDE and walked away leaving the pizza open on the counter. Marcos was on the line with a gentleman when I walked out and the only employee that said goodnight was the young lady. I call Manny immediately under the impression that HE is the manager and instead he was rude dismissive and pretty much said that he’d be able to give me free pizza and when I declined he said there’s nothing he can do at this time since he’s in bed next to his wife trying to go to bed already so he can go to work tomorrow that he will talk to the employees and let his manager know since he isn’t the store manager and has no idea why they gave me his number and that he will call me back anyways after I call corporate which he gave me and it goes straight to a busy tone.

He then Again reminded me that he is trying to sleep so he can go to work tomorrow and that he is in bed with his wife already then saying sarcastically “ what do you want me to do ma’am fire the employees?

I have to go to work to talk to them and I’m just going to have to call you back so there’s nothing I can do right now”. I will be calling corporate about this very unprofessional upsetting experience by the employees present and obviously the employee that was too busy sarcastically and disrespectfully rushing me off the phone to go to sleep since he’s in bed with his wife already.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pizza.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Little Caesars Pros: Its cheap.

Little Caesars Cons: Dont care about customers, Unprofessional ruse and tricky of selling stale.

  • Poor Quaility
  • Poor Customer Care
  • Bad Management
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