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Wrong price

Sign on front of store said $6 pizza Then door was locked at 8pm had to go thru drive thru Order pizza got charged $7 plus tax Couldn’t discuss price difference I don’t speak Spanish Store is in Pecos Texas I think that is a problem


1/2toppings price

How much should 1/2 sausage 1/2ham and mushrooms all over cost? Should that be 6.00 plus 1.95 plus 1.95 or 6.00 plus 97 cents plus 97 cents


Boss/days offf

Can the boss be a jerk to his employees when asking or requesting days off? They should be able to get days off at little ceasers.



Why is your sauce on your pizza so spicy i bought pizza at your location in WICHITA kansas at the corner of central and west street i like it but some of my guest could not eat it that the only pizza i buy but anyway some of my guest said to spicy would not eat it it's all ways has that kick and another thing the guy at the counter did not know anything about my order i called a head of time he had to go in the back and leave me standing there and your meat lovers is supposed to be ready between 4-8 but never is i was not going to wait any longer it was supposed to be ready can you say false advertisement i went in 9/20/18 around 5.30 may be a little affter but close to that time thanks sincerely Steven Roeder


The building in our community

The community is asking why it's the lawn cut weekly and why hasn't the holes in the parking lot been fixed? This Little caesars in Pontiac,,on Columbia and Baldwin has business hourly and daily. We don't deserve to be treated like this,,we want clean and pretty.


Manager complaint

My daughter works at the Livingston TN store and yesterday 8-22-18 her manager Chuck was up in her face repeatedly screaming and cursing her using the F word over and over. He did his in front of everyone so there are witnesses.

When our daughter told us about this her father went up there and confronted this guy. Apparently the owner was watching at home from the cameras in the store. So when my daughter goes back to clock in today, they tell her she can’t work there anymore.

How is this right or legal when the manager is clearly in the wrong and admitted this to my husband and apologized to him over and over! I would like your response to this.


Poor servuce

This is not so much a question. Everytime I go to the Little Ceasar in Taylors SC, it is always a long wait.

So much for hot and ready. I don't mind a short wait but they get ridiculous. I went on there on July 7th. I asked how long on a cheese pizza.

The response was a long time. I left.

My grandchildren want this every weekend. Bug disappointment.


Advertised price is $5.00 actual $6.45

This is false advertising. I've contacted Texas Attorney Generals office and am asking them the same question.


Not what they advertise

What has happened to your pizza? You might have lost our family as a customer.

Grove city ohio 43123 Little Caesars does not give what they advertise. Tired of ordering the extra extra 1.00 more and it has no cheese all.

It is very dry. So disappointed!


Square pizzas

Why did this company stop selling the square pizzas from years ago

When we received the 2 square pizzas the quality was way better taste was even better prices were great I used to chose little Caesars over any other pizza place until those were changed

Used to be our family favorite still to this day my whole family talks about the old little Caesars pizza and how it was the best


out of oven

I just want a pizza out of the oven so when i get home it is still hot. Why do i have to pay a extra dollar for one ?



How long do you train someone who works for you??


Morris Restaurant

Will we get another store in Morris IL, 60450? We had one that closed for some reason and really miss not having one and many are asking the same thing but no one knows


How can I get a letter of separation?

My daughter is no longer employed at the Slidell, Louisiana store. They've changed new GMs since she has been gone.

No manager in the entire region knows how to access that info.

Can your human resources dept send a separation letter? Farah Cyprian PO Box 6293 Slidell, La 70469 985-718-7834 Thanks


Why poor interactions

I was not welcomed properly I was ran in circles and lie to about interviews saying there was none open and before I'm up just said that was opened they don't ask for proper screaming they don't ask her so they don't ask her anything and I would like to know why I am being right around like I am some kind of animal or monkey we're not polite nor respectful when answering the phone and for future employees to get hired I wish that they didn't respect it giving them what they do now and I would like to hopefully in the future so your proper application this morning was young trying to start to get your life back on track so you can raise your kids and therefore much more you get told that you're having an interview you call to keep repeating checking up and they lie about the situation


What????? Did you read this before sending it?? Lol


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