Why would you ever even consider the use of a spoiled boy in front of a game on TV? Insane the slam you make on families.

Just simply wrong and what is wrong with the management who lets this slip thru the approval? My kids and grandkids are doing hay, tractor driving learn to work with dads, working county fair animals, mowing Nana's yard, taking lunch and dinner and breakfast to Dad's on the farm. What about Nana's who feed everyone on cow working days PIZZA! I want to be sick when I see this commercial!

You degrade a parent and promote the disrespect by youth. You know better than to do this kind of work. What would your Mom say if it were your Dad in the hat. I am sorry but shame shame on you guys for degrading the family.

My kids and grandkids are grateful for their families. We all would eat peanut butter and bread dinner rather that treat each other the way you portray in this. Shame on you.

What would your Dad and Mom say. Maybe the hard earned not appreciated money they sweat for needs to be spent not on pizza.

Review about: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Commercial .

Preferred solution: Look into good hard working families across America. Those good family values of respect and love..

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Your photo = Yuck!


That kid should be punished and sent to bed without dinner. What a little ***.


Gotta agree. This commerical targets the narcissistic millennium with the disrespect of authority figures that they have been brainwashed with all these years.

I turn off the commercial and don't eat little caesars.


I agree with the review about the boy watching tv and removing #1 from his dad's cap. What were you thinking???

You must be too young to understand how this commercial shows complete disrespect for his dad. Shame on you. It's hard enough to be a parent without Little Carsats showing disrespect for parents who pay the bills, including your pizza.

Show some respect for parents. See you on FaceBook.


one of the worst poorly written reviews i've ever read

i hope you do not talk like you write!!

to Anonymous #1372111

Are you kidding?? You can not see how absolutely disrespectful the commercials are using obnoxious bratty children is not a problem? Wow!!

to K.Ryan #1373774

Don't feed the trolls.

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