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I live in a Indiana and have used your online app to order pizzas from where I live ( Sellersburg, Indiana and Franklin, Indiana ). Perfect service and good food, however someone stole my credit card information and used it at a Texas location twice.

I missed it the first time but caught it the second. It appears someone has hacked your system. I called the Texas location to let the store know that a piece of *** crook was stealing my information.

The response I got was “ Call your bank.” Wow great customer service you had a chance to catch a crook and your store could care less. I would hope someone would look into this and call me back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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And for you people saying that it is obvious that you call the bank, consider this. The company has a responsibility to protect our information.

I shared my account information with no one, my email and password were not changed, yet someone was able to log in AS ME, and change information IN MY ACCOUNT, then use the bank information that the company agreed to keep safe, to order pizza in a store MILES from where I am! The money, yeah. I'll take that up with the bank.

But the security of customer information? That's the responsibility of the company.


Same thing happened to me! Only ordered at the store in my home town in Kentucky. Then somebody logged into my account and changed the phone number, nothing else, and ordered pizza in California while I was getting gas in Kentucky!


The store is correct. You ALWAYS call your bank for fraudulent activity, not the store.


If you want the charges reversed contact your bank like they say. It is that simple.

It is not rocket science.

Kids these days. They cannot use common sense.