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To whom it may concern:

I went in the Little Caesers off of 101st and Elm in Broken Arrow/Tulsa. I walked in and there were 2 people setting there waiting. 0 pizzas were ready, 0 crazy bread, 0 of anything. Not that big of a deal, it happens. I placed my order for a regular cheese, pretzel pepperoni, and crazy bread. The cashier told me 10-15 min. No problem. While waiting about 10 more customers walked in, ordered, and paid. I figured with this happening the 10-15 minutes might grow to 20-25. No problem. I ordered at 6:01pm. 8 of those 10 people got their orders before i decided to get a refund. These were all multiple pizza orders except one. I left at 6:57pm. My order had still not made it to the oven. I love your pizza, i do. Ive had to wait many times and i understand, but this was unreal. If it were just that it would be one thing, but the cashier was being very rude to everyone. She actually was ok towards me,but i saw her roll her eyes several times and gripe under her breath. The guys in the back were also very unprofessional. I ended up driving to the Caesers at 71st and Aspen. I was able to get my order there minus the cheese pizza. She said it would be 10-15 and i wasnt in the mood for anymore waiting so i just got another pepperoni. I mentioned to her what had happened and she said that the manager had been fired from that store 2 days ago. I at least somewhat know why now, but still, this was insane. I only wish a corporate person from Little Caesers was there to witness. Please feel free to contact if necessary. I would just like to see this fixed. Once again, i love your pizza, its cheap, and right by my house.



(918) 370-9463 ui

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pizza.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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