Warren, Michigan
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Just placed a order for $50 @ the Little Ceasars on Harper and Chalmers in Detroit, MI and when my children made an attempt to pay with a $100 bill, they refused to service them (when the register was overflowing with $10 & $20 bills). They were advised to go elsewhere and get change.

My order was as follows: 2 breadsticks, 5 HotN Readys, 1 Meat Trio and 1Extra Most Bestest. Their response was completely unacceptable, especially sinc3 it's pouring down raining outside and they were traveling by foot. Then when I spoke to the manager (who had an extremely nasty disposition) said if my order wasn't $80 she wasn't allowing it to be cashed out. So my kids then went to the nearby businesses and they would not give them change.

I then gave a courtesy call back to inform her that I would have to cancel my order and she said she didn't care and disconnected the call. The kids then arrive home and inform me when they asked to see the manager she walked to the front, took one look at my 16 &17 year old daughters and said, "They don't want nothing" as she turned her back and walked away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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