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What do the drive thru order Supreme Pizza no mushrooms. Cuz I'm allergic.

Gentleman told me to move up and he would bring it out to me when it was ready. Waited 20 minutes called inside asked if my paycheck was ready yet somebody said for me to hold the get the manager, the manager gets on the phone says has been ready for 10 minutes that I can come in and get it. I go in the manager has his hand on my pizza ask me what the problem is I told him that I pulled up drive-thru order the pizza they told me he's going to take 10 minutes the drive-thru gentleman told me to pull up and when it was done he would bring it to me. The manager did you say that the drive-through kid said no I did not say that I said yes you did otherwise I wouldn't have moved.

The drive-thru kid against is no I did not say that, I'm like yeah you did. The manager not saying nothing about him sitting there arguing with me, very unprofessional there. Manager with his hand on my pizza still I ask for corporates number. Seeing that the manager was letting his employee argue with me and he was doing nothing about it I knew I was going to get nothing done so I want to corporates number so you knew what was going on.

Or the manager set there and told me what we don't deliver outside anymore , I told him I was never told that, and I asked him to other times for corporates number he just sat there with a smug smile on his face and his hand on my pizza not wanting to give me corporates number. I don't know if y'all have a deal about not giving out corporates number or what but that's very unprofessional also. So I snatched my pizza it says I'll get it my damn self. Just so you know I will never again order anything from your establishments from any of them.

I will always go to Pizza Hut. And attached is a copy of the receipt because after I got up to the window I even had to tell him again no mushrooms when I was paying so he had to rewrite the receipt

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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