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By far the worst commercial I've ever seen. Who was in charge of the meeting that decided to air this?

Who actually thought it would be funny to watch a bratty kid be that disrespectful to a wimpy father? And we wonder why our society is headed in the direction it is. You lost money on this one, Little Ceasars. Not that I ever crave your pizza anyways, but I have decided to get it before for a birthday or tailgate party.

I won't be making that decision again. And it looks like I'm not alone....

Review about: Little Caesars Commercial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Horrible little boy commercial.. totally disrespectful!!!


Will not buy from them until that commercial is gone.


Worst commercial in recent history. I will NEVER purchase your product because of this decision. EVER.


A disgrace and shame to anyone fueling our disgusting culture of disrespectful children! Shame on you! I hope you go bankrupt!


Yes, all the world's problems can be traced back to this one silly little pizza commercial!

Get a grip and have a word with yourself! You are being ridiculous.

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