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My name is Tanisha Jackson. On September 7th 2019 at 7:52 p.m..

I ordered two large beef Pizzas with extra sauce on them. When I got home and started to eat dinner. The extra sauce was not included on my pizza. My husband and I contacted Little Caesar located 8411 West Center Road Omaha Nebraska 68124.

The manager wanted us to bring the pizza back. Advised is a long drive for us. He wanted us to hold it until tomorrow and then bring the pizza back. Because I advised him that our sauce was not added and ask for credit back.

The manager didn't wanted tohear it and called us a liar on the phone. Stated that he believes his employee and not us. We experience bad customer service. When all we was asking for a refund on the pizza due to the error that was made.

Here's a picture below sending proof there was no extra sauce on the pizza. I can be contacted at 402 739 2175.

The manger name at the location is Hoany khong. Thanks!

Product or Service Mentioned: Little Caesars Pizza.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I always order extra sauce on pizza and that is not extra sauce. Did they charge you for extra sauce? I havent been to LC in years, but pizza huts, Dominos, etc always has extra sauce for free.


"The manager wanted us to bring the pizza back. Advised is a long drive for us.

He wanted us to hold it until tomorrow and then bring the pizza back"

Let me get this straight, you pie wasn't right and you wanted your money back. The manager agreed to this but said bring it back.

What more did you want out of him.

If the thing wasn't right, put it on the counter, eat PB&J and take it back for your money.

Sounds like you're mad because a great solution wasn't the solution you wanted.

I'm guessing this person wasn't rude and if they were it was because you went into act.


Always check your order before paying/leaving. You should have just taken it back or held on to it for the next day.

Too many people ripping off companies that they have become jaded. But it looks like the majority of the pizza was eatten so it couldn't of been that bad, was it?

to aliens_amoung_us #1372085

There is no excuse for being rude. Treating a customer like he is a criminal is WRONG!

If I purchased dinner for my family, got it home and it did not have extra sauce, I would call, while my children ate the pizza. The order was not right, but was still dinner. If I were at a restaurant, I would send it back and get something else. The manager, should have apologized, offered a free pizza at next visit and noted the name and number of the customer, in case they made a habit of it.

But, never, ever would I berate a customer. The manager was wrong.

to aliens_amoung_us #1379470


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