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after two and half month working at little caeser makeing fresh pizza dough on my scheduled days and keeping my work area up from clutter of use. my manager gave me four days off on my schedule and when i returned he terminated me for not working my job.

i was the only dough person scheduled to work from 9-3 if i was not done by 3pm and then i would get a scenario of questions of why. first of all i had to train my self to do the dough as fast as i could myself.never had any complaints until i said i didnt like the loud cursin music some of the managers would play dureing service hours.

after that i was on the bad list(employee to fire list) i could feel it. after i returned back fo work, the whole cooler was empty.i never seen it that way.i had to fill the whole cooler back up. it was like five dough rakes to be filled.

it takes me atleast 1hr for each rack not includeind keeping all the dishes and pans clean during my 9-3 shift. after i have to break down the dough mixer and maker and clean them up before i can clock out and mop my work station. he only gave me 6hours to do by myself and no helper. some of the assitant managers gave me good compliments.

he never gave me any and never said anything to me until he said i was not good enough for this job.and he need someone faster. and i was the oldest worker their 45 and all is 17&up to 23.

Reason of review: wrong termination.

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I am 46 years old and can do a rack of dough in 37 minutes. Little Caesars protocol is one batch of dough ( cut, rounded, panned, and put in walk in cooler in under 9 minutes. If you are taking over an hour per rack, then no you were not fast enough.

to Anonymous #1118781

He had no dough roller. I have no roller and I make a rack in 45min.

With a roller you better finish a rack in under an hour. For his manager to leave an empty walk in is absolutely unacceptable none the less


Go where you are appreciated and valued! God's blessing will come to you.

I met some of the people you speak of who have jobs -- sooner or later it will come back on them. Peace!

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